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Jan is one of the most inspirational women we know! She has a way of merging truth and laughter that changes lives for the glory of God! Our lives have been impacted by the prophetic flow of her ministry. Jan helps people realize their God-given potential and how to walk it out with passion and faith! 

 R O N  +  S U Z A N N E   C O X
Kingwood Church // Founders of Legacy of Purpose // Birmingham, Alabama

I am both honored and blessed to recommend the very anointed ministry of Jan Aldridge.My wife, Gay, and myself met Jan years ago at a state meeting in Kentucky. It has never been my custom to attend services through the day in order to conserve my energy for the evening. Harvey and Wanda Turner very highly recommended that I attend the services this week to hear a young lady.

I was very pleasantly surprised to hear such a word coming from such a young person's mouth. She absolutely had my full attention the entire time she was preaching. She had a very positive yet convicting message and the altar services were so totally anointed. It was customary to have a lady preach for the ladies service at these meetings, but Harvey Turner had her preaching almost the entire week and neither of us missed a meeting that week with Jan.

Jan Aldridge confirmed everything Gay and I had heard about her. We have been an avid fan of hers ever since and that has been many years back. She is still to the day, very anointed and hungry after God. I pray that she will always remain in the divine flow of the Master.

F L O Y D   L A W H O N 
International Evangelist // Floyd Lawhon Ministries


We have been blessed on more than one occasion by the ministry of Jan Aldridge. She has been a Keynote Speaker for our Women’s Conferences, and a featured Guest Speaker in our morning services. She delivers powerful messages from the Word of God and personal testimony. She operates under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, a prophetic voice to the body of Christ. She passionately challenges and inspires her audience, while undergirding the authority of the pastor. Her use of humor and honesty is refreshing and engaging. Ministering alongside of Jan is a true blessing. She gives of herself sacrificially as a speaker and in personal ministry during altar times. She allows God to use her as an agent of change and healing, and her messages bring life to those who hear her. She is a rare find and we highly recommend her ministry to men and women of all audiences. Our lives have been enriched by knowing her and ministering with her.

D A L E  +  A N G E L A   D O N A D I O
Senior Pastors // River of Life Worship Center // Assemblies of God  // Spotsylvania, Virginia

Jan Aldridge brings a unique blend of humor, biblical insight and anointing that will appeal to everyone. Jan’s giftedness makes her effective not only in teaching and preaching, but also in one-on-one ministry. Her love for God and for people has made her a much sought-after speaker throughout the United States.

T I M   O L D F I E L D
Senior Pastor // The Potter's House // Columbus, Ohio



Jan has ministered in our church and our satellite churches and has been very well received. She is an excellent minister of the Word of God and flows in the anointing and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Her personal testimony is an outstanding miracle of God and as she shares faith in believing in Him our own faith is strengthened. Jan is a woman of integrity and humility of spirit and a blessing to the body of Christ. I would highly recommend her for ministry.

D R .  B O B   R O D G E R S
Senior Pastor // Evangel World Prayer Center // Louisville, Kentucky

Jan Aldridge is a woman of God with a heart for people. Her ministry has been a personal blessing to the Stephens Family. She is used of the Lord to speak directly to the needs of people. Her passion and compassion are evident in her sacrificial life of ministry. She is a giver. It is a joy to recommend Jan Aldridge for ministry to any church or conference. She will pray and deliver a word from the Lord. While many gifted evangelists are becoming self-centered and self-serving, Jan remains a servant of the Lord and to others. Her unassuming demeanor and congenial personality are a breath of fresh air to the Body of Christ.

J. D A V I D + J O Y C E   S T E P H E N S
Second Assistant General Overseer // Church of God // Cleveland, Tennessee


The ministry of Jan Aldridge has reached around the world in recent years. With a tremendous anointing and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, Jan has given herself to revival among God’s people. In the areas where Paula and I have served as State Overseers and church leaders, Jan has played a very important role in our work as we have invited her time and again to be a part of out Camp Meetings, Women retreats and special conferences. Her ability to preach the Word of God and then minister with confirming faith is indeed amazing. I am pleased to recommend her ministry and believe that she will be used of God in greater ways as we prepare for the coming of the Lord.

T I M  H I L L
General Overseer // Church of God // Cleveland, Tennessee

Jan Aldridge consistently delivers a powerful and relevant message to the Body of Christ. As she proficiently illuminates God’s Word, blind eyes are indeed opened to the Truth. Don’t be distracted by her humor. At any moment you will find yourself laughing and the very next, calling on God for His forgiveness and for the grace to change. Jan has a potent, pregnant WORD. Jan has an amazing ability to relate to each person in the congregation, as though you were the only present. As she candidly refers to her own unique journey with the Lord, hearts are mended, minds are renewed and ministry visions are restored. With boldness and compassion Jan Aldridge imparts a life-changing message that will indeed help each listener advance to the next level.

D R .  M A R I O N   S P E L L M A N
Founding President & CEO  //  Peniel  //  Johnstown, Pennsylvania


We had the awesome opportunity to hear Jan minister at our annual conference ladies luncheon. She truly is an anointed woman of God and her testimony is so powerful! She not only spent time ministering through the word but took out time to pray with many hurting women. We saw God move in such a special way and we encourage you to have this anointed woman of God come and minister. We assure that lives will be touched and forever changed! 

P E R R Y + P A M  S T O N E
Voice of Evangelism // Cleveland, Tennessee