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Audio Sermons

Where Have You Laid Him?


Where Have You Laid Him?


We sing the song, "He's an on-time God," with our lips, but when faced with situations that seem impossible and it appears our dreams have died, we're quick to ask, "Where was God when I needed Him?" This was the case for two sisters, Martha and Mary. They had expected Jesus to come and heal their dying brother. However, Jesus was too late. Lazarus was dead and their dream was buried with him...or so they thought. 

You may have buried your dreams because of a delayed answer to your prayers. God didn't do what you wanted when you wanted it. But now Jesus is saying, "Take me to the place where you laid down those dreams." In this message Jan helps us see that God is working even if all we can see is a mountain of circumstances and facts that are saying it's too late. Well, hold on and don't give up! Jesus is never early and He's never late...He's ALWAYS an on-time God.

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