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Audio Sermons

A Leap of Faith


A Leap of Faith


"I CAN'T DO THIS ANY MORE...THIS IS NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR!!!!" If you've ever said these words or had this thought cross your mind, you are not alone. You start out with good intensions, but when the going gets tough and you're being pulled on every side, you're ready to go back to when life was simple. The disciples of Jesus experienced these same feelings of frustration. After accepting their call to follow Christ, forsaking all, they were hit with criticism and persecution. They were being stretched; especially Peter. God had told Peter to leave his boat and follow Him, but he found himself wanting to go back to his comfort Jan will help you see that turning back is not an option. Like Peter, once you've been called, it's all or nothing. You'll be encouraged to press in, take a giant leap of faith and see what God has prepared for you! 

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